Scarab Key of Life


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the Scarab Key of Life necklace is made from elk antler and craters of the moon. Strung with faceted Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite beads.

The Scarab carries the Ankh with the Eye of Ra and sits on the solar plexus.

The Scarab symbolizes transformation, existence, manifestation, effectiveness, and growth or development.

The Ankh is also known as the Key of Life. It represents the concept of eternal life and the breath of life. The Ankh can be used as a portal of mirror to the other side and can serve as a channel of communication to the divine. It is an amulet of spiritual healing.

The Eye of Ra is a representation of protection, power, and royal authority. It remains a protective symbol, keeping evil and danger at bay.

With all this powerful symbolism sitting on the solar plexus, which represents self-esteem, willpower, personal responsibility and power, intellect, clarity, independence, bring about your own personal rebirth in remembering who you are and the strength and protection to hold yourself there.